High Inovation, Strong Foundations Information Security Company Zero Trust Philosophy


Cyber system software development company with a unique view and a special team of highly experienced people in the gray white and black area’s of the data highway.

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It enables business leaders to verify if the people they mostly trust are deserved to be trusted. OTOGRAPH provides more confidence and peacefulness to business leaders, enabling to pinpoint real rogue employees while trusting all others.
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World Health Energy Holdings, Inc.

WHEN Group is a publicly traded holding company that has made the betterment of humanity its goal. All of When Group companies abide by a common agenda, leveraging innovation and technology to improve the quality and standard of life of people around the globe and to keep them safer.
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About Us.

In the last few years Virtually every area of every organization is digitally interconnected. No matter where, when or how you need help, SG is the only partner that you will ever need to cal. With this expirience after dealing with thousand of incidents, cases and problems, SG will keep you SAFE with our trailblazing technology, unieque insights and unconventional experts.

Beyond the risks of intentional hacking, accidental data leakages or any other malicious actor threat inside or outside your company, SG is the first partner to call unless of course if you have implanted one of our proactive intelligence systems.

In the world of cyber-security, SG has become synonymous with “solutions that make the unknown known”. SG generates actionable intelligence that not only save systems and data, but also saves lives. We specialize in developing intelligent solutions that collect and analyze tremendous amounts of data from a wide range of sources exposing cyber weaknesses and threats, both to computer systems and individuals.


ShieldApps’ Software White Label program is specially tailored to software distributors, resellers and affiliates that are ready to step up their software reselling activity to the next level!

The White Label Software program consists of a completely rebranded software, carrying the partner’s brand of choice, preferred color palettes and icon-sets, and allows the white label software partner to utilize multi-tier marketing models easier, increase profits on scalable marketing campaigns, and strategically expand activity to newly available inventory with greater cost efficiency in a more profitable manner.

The SG software white label program has proven itself over and over again, providing our partners with a increased value offering, industry-leading conversion rates, maximized consumer satisfaction and unprecedented ROI – all achievable with our state of the art Cyber Defense system white label apps and software solutions.
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Growing a Successful Business with SG Service Partner Program

In an increasingly competitive global cyber risk landscape with ever more demanding customers, professional service is a proven strategy to differentiate yourself in the market.

Our Service Partner Program* is designed to help you build a stronger service organization to support customers today and deliver more value from SG products and services going forward.

The optimized service capabilities this program delivers to you will strengthen the relationship with your customers and retain their loyalty. Take this positive step to future-proof your market share and increase revenue generating opportunities.
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Our History x



Beginning Our Services

The birth of an empire with a new ground shakings cyber AI technology.



Opening the first office of RNA The Birth of the first B2C simple system

Well, the office was one room with wires and network cables falling from the roof .... in winter .... we had a swiming pool near the server ...crazy office but with creative energy!!! And the first B2C test client arrived 🙂



Opening Our First REAL Office and the first bit was written in the B2B Crazy system

2017 was the turning point .... we were discovered by World Health Energy Holdings Inc. people and started the long process



Finished the first process steps in becoming a public company



The reverse merger happened at last in April 🙂

2019, well, we have completed the revers merger with world health energy holdings and we have started a new phase as we broke through the regular standards and habits that ruled the old cyber defense systems.



Welcome to the Corona era

2020 ..... the first feelings that we had was ... Wow, the world is going to change and how do we adjust. But we have got a few presents from this crazy world. the first and most important corona gave us peace quiet and time to build, develop and innovate as the whole world sat at home. the second the cyber attacks started to rise ..... really rise and suddenly our line of products became the only thing that can rule and really make the difference as the old cyber tools became obsolete.... THE CYBER WORLD CHANGED.

Why Choose Us .

Professional Staff

SG people do share a unique view that make all the difference in the new cyber world

On Time Completion

We do work 24 hours a day … and even sometimes get up few hours earlier so we will have more 🙂

Save Time and Money

think about one big systems that all the answers you need about the company and its people is inside meaning no more little systems or a crazy forensic procedures – one click for any answer.

No Hidden Cost

you will always know when the project starts and ends – we do not hide or playing in first foot in.

Detailed Estimated

no hidden things no surprises!

Zero Complaints

zero complaints sounds good … but with our processes, you always want more 🙂

Our Skills x

General Consulting

CyberOPS Management


Special Projects

Looking for best partner for your next construction works?